Title IX Defense

The Title IX statute was created as a step in the right direction for student equality. After all, it was developed as a tool to make educational programs equally accessible to all students — male or female — and to put an end to sexual violence and misconduct.

But what happens when Title IX enforcement is taken too far? In recent years, this has been an ongoing debate throughout Connecticut.

The Great Title IX Debate

All over Connecticut — and really, throughout the U.S. — there are countless controversies involving Title IX. At one end of the spectrum, students who feel sexually threatened are too afraid to speak up. At the other end, students are falsely accused of sexual assault based on hearsay.

There are multiple attempts to fix this problem at play, the most recent of which has given those accused of sexual assault a better chance at defending themselves. The law in this area is in a state of flux. Some universities give accused students better procedural rights than others, and each school's regulations are different. The best thing that a student confronted with a Title IX accusation can do is to retain an attorney immediately before attempting to represent themselves. Title IX accusations and investigations are heavily biased in favor of the university and against the accused. The first step — contacting us for legal guidance.

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Title IX Penalties for Students & Staff

When you are accused of sexual assault or a sex-based crime on campus, there are two separate places looking to determine the appropriate penalty: your university and the Connecticut criminal justice system.

Your university will determine its course of action based on what happens during your Title IX hearing. The state of Connecticut will, if needed, conduct its own investigation to determine whether or not to move forward with criminal charges.

If you are a student, you could face one or several of the following consequences depending on the outcome of your Title IX hearing and criminal investigation:

  • Suspension from campus activities
  • Dismissal from athletic programs
  • Suspension from the university
  • Expulsion from the university
  • Criminal charges such as sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or a violent crime
  • Possible jail time and/or heavy fines

Choosing the Right Connecticut Attorney

Because these consequences can become extremely severe, it is vital that you choose your legal representation wisely. We at Donovan & Morello, LLP are willing to advise you whether you attend Middlesex Community College, Albertus Magnus College, Gateway Community College, Mitchell College, Connecticut College, Three Rivers Community College, Wesleyan University, or another university located in Connecticut.

Experienced Title IX Attorneys in Cromwell, CT

We understand that Title IX accusations are rarely black and white. There are two sides to every story, and we want to hear yours. After sitting down to discuss your case, we can determine the best way to move forward. Don’t take any chances with a Title IX accusation. Put our decades of experience on your side.