Representing Workplace Injuries

In Connecticut, an employee injured on the job is, if certain conditions are met, entitled to workers' compensation benefits from their employer. This is a no-fault insurance, which means that the employee need not prove that the employer was negligent, only that the injury arose in the course of the employee's employment and that it was in the employer's regular course of business. Connecticut requires that employers purchase worker's compensation insurance if they employ more than one worker.

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Benefits Under Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation provides certain benefits to help workers recover from work-related illnesses or injuries.

Benefits available under workers' compensation:

  • Medical treatment

  • Wage replacement

  • Disability benefits (temporary or permanent)

  • Job retraining

The remedy provided by the worker's compensation statutes is fairly limited and may not provide complete indemnification for the employee's damages. If your work accident was caused by a third-party, you may be able to seek additional benefits beyond workers' compensation. Our attorneys can explain whether you qualify to file for one or both of these claims.

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