Mediations & Arbitrations

Attorney Paul A. Morello, Jr. is an experienced mediator and arbitrator. As a former insurance defense lawyer and presently a plaintiff’s attorney, he has the background, experience and legal knowledge to fairly resolve disputes involving the following areas of law: torts, third party liability cases, uninsured/underinsured motorist cases, professional liability, medical malpractice, and fee disputes.

He has served in numerous private mediations and arbitrations for over 30 years and having defended and prosecuted cases, is able to understand the perspective of each respective party to the process. He has also been a State of Connecticut Superior court small claims magistrate, arbitrator and fact finder.

Most importantly, he is an active litigator. He understands the elements of a case, the risks of a  trial for both sides and the practical and emotional implications that sometimes make a case difficult to resolve. Through experience, he understands that trials are unpredictable, expensive and oftentimes bring results that are disappointing to both sides.

Mediation offers an opportunity for the parties to come to a consensus about a resolution of their case. Arbitration offers an opportunity for parties to resolve a case where they may not agree upon the value, but seek a more efficient resolution than a trial.


Mediations are a process allowing the parties and opportunity to present their case in an informal setting and seek to resolve their case by agreement with the assistance of a neutral mediator who, after considering the claims and proof of the parties and the pros, cons and risks involved in the case assists the parties in formulating a settlement. Mediations offer the parties the chance to air their differences, realize the pros and cons of each other’s cases, find common ground, and agree upon a solution, rather than subjecting their case to the whims of a court decision or jury verdict.


Arbitrations on the other hand, are an opportunity for the parties to try their cases quickly, confidentially, fairly and finally. Arbitrations, although more formal than mediation, can be accomplished at the convenience of the parties, within a short period of time, with less expense than trying the case in court.  Most importantly, the arbitrator brings a legal expertise to the case that a jury can never bring. Lastly, an arbitration away is final, there is no appeal from the same.