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Blog Posts in 2017

  • School Buses in Connecticut: Laws, Fines And Safety Tips

    Students have returned to school in Connecticut. That means drivers need to remember to follow a few rules of the road that have had the summer off along with students in the state. Forgetting those rules — and being caught doing so — carries stiff penalties for motorists or, even worse, can cause a serious accident. The greatest risk to children is approaching and leaving a school bus, according ...
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  • What is Med Pay Car Insurance Coverage?

    WHAT IS MED PAY COVERAGE Med Pay car insurance covers your medical expenses that you or your passengers incur for the injuries you sustain as the result of an automobile collision, whether you are at fault or not. Med Pay is not a required coverage in the State of Connecticut. You can purchase it for a small additional premium in differing amounts of coverage. The typical Med Pay coverage is ...
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  • What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

    Being in a collision with a vehicle while you are on a bike can be a very traumatic experience. Bicyclists have little protection against car accidents, and can easily suffer serious bodily injury in addition to costly bicycle damage. These problems can be extremely costly, and in order to obtain fair compensation from your insurance company or from the vehicle driver, there are a few key things ...
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